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The best

Absolutely incredible app.

Almost Perfect App

PLEASE developt the app in French. The app is vert usefull

Monthly payments? No!

Seriously, why I have to pay 19.99$ a month or 99.99$ a year when you pay once on other apps?!

1,999€ month



Well I purchased this subscription last year for college and it seems to recognize on my iPhone 4S. Havent had any problems so far.

Great app

Very useful for checking answers but it doesnt solve an trigonometric equations.... still good none the less

Good for SOME things

It helps with what some people need but I cant get used to the cramped keyboard! Nothing is where it belongs and I couldnt even find the plus button! IT DRIVES ME INSANE! Good thing obviously is that it is the only app that does this (I think). Overall, I think it is perfect except when its not. Also I would make the premium A LOT cheaper or available as 1 big purchase.


The app crashes when i click view steps

Dont waste your money!!!

90% of the questions I asked were wrong. Even when I simplified my own question some still came out wrong. Only basic questions get answered properly. The steps were wrong as well. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

dont bother

this app is no good everyone who trys download or use it dont bother its a waste of time


The "free" app isnt free at all. Asks the user to upgrade with the first try, nit even a free preview of what you may get. -_- thafck

Very Helpful

Its such a good app!


Best app ever! Literally! Its really useful! Although the fact that I have to give my e-mail and all just to see the steps to the answer will take a point from the rating nevertheless its very good.

Great App

It is a good app to help my learning

Great! But...

So I really like Mathway when you but the subscription. I just paid $20 for one month and its really helpful. However, I am a student and $20 may not seem like much to most, but other fellow students will understand that it is quite significant. It would be great if they lowered the cost a little to help out struggling math students even more! Other than that, I love it!!

Helped me pass math

I cheated on literally every test with this... I owe who ever made this my life ... Bless 10/10 would cheat again


Will not let me upgrade to the whole package.. Hit the button and it does nothing. Why?


Just cant see the step by step but whatever its pretty helpful!


Very nice program, all I need to have in this app, THANK YOU FOR IT!


Please add the Russian language.

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